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Lucy McMillan

Lovesong Lagoon

// 6pm Friday 13 December 2013

Intense Mystical Feeling (Lucy McMillan & Tahi Moore) will perform

from Unavailable Dimensions at 6pm

// Exhibition runs from Sat. 14 December until Sat. 21 December 2013

Seaweed on the ocean floor, pulled by tides;
Images of things.
To catalogue every whim.
Transparent sheet – of flesh colour or a smoked glass windowpane– to look out of but not in
Paper – sitting behind other papers – looking out at us and onto
the backs of each other’s heads
3 acorns, a feather and a rock – that I held while walking – they never knew I’d bring them here
A thin golden sheet – to keep the wall warm
They can tell us what they are
Last July’s lavender – is a path wrapping around a fragrant field
Oil tipped onto porous paper – a rubbing of my table – excavating earth’s skin
Glue and wood – a painted body in a frame
Blue sand on grey crepe – material movement – a river
Paint on red velvet sheet – pillow on a bed
Clear plastic – to see things through – the room you stand in
We’re standing in the sea

10 paintings


3 songs


Apply now for the RM summer residency

RM is currently seeking Expressions of Interest for its inaugural International Residency programme (Summer 2014).

// Due: 6pm, Monday 16 December 2013

After the success of our annual summer studio program, RM is very excited to be hosting its first international residency — providing five artists with some studio space, accommodation and a small stipend for six weeks of summer. This is a residency that is motivated by the informal conversations that surround art practices. It is a time for finding ways to open up your research and thinking to others; creating a space where we might eat and think and talk together.

We are currently seeking expression of interest from New Zealand artists, designers, writers and curators to take part in this residency.

As with the previous three years, the gallery space will be converted into a shared studio (to be shared with four others).  In addition to providing a space for self-initiated projects, the residency will also include a programme of activities that look to create shared experiences and conversations between the studio artists and RM. We are anticipating three or four field trips will take place, regular shared meals, as well as a weekly presentation/activity at RM. There will NOT be an exhibition occurring as part of the residency — the focus of your activities might instead be on your research and process, as well as participation in the events that have been developed as part of this programme.

We are bringing an Australian and a Canadian artist to Auckland to take part in this residency, and are currently seeking three New Zealand practitioners to participate in the program. Priority will be given to those based outside of Auckland (domestic flights will be provided)

The residency program will commence on 6 January and run through until 15th February. Participants will be expected to be present for the majority of this time.

If you are interested in this opportunity please send an expression of interest to before 6pm, 16 December.

The expression of interest will need to tells us how you would like to use this time, whether there is any significance to being in Auckland, and will preferably include images of your current work.


An open-ended studio?

As with the summer studio programme that we’ve run over the last three years, our intention is to divide the gallery space between the five participants. There has tended to be enough room for a desk and a good amount of wall space.

For the residency in 2014 we’d quite likely want to keep the office table available as a shared area, and have the five participants working within the remainder of the space. You’ll note that there are no dividing walls or partitions between the working areas: this may not suit all types of practitioner, but it is very much how we’d like to keep things. This partly due to simplicity but also because of our interest in the open-ended conversation that comes through working alongside one another.

Other facilities provided within the space:

_ Basic office equipment: printer, scanner, stationery
_ A guillotine and cutting mat
_ Basic tools
_ Data projectors and screens
_ A basic kitchenette with tea and coffee-making facilities.
_ Bathroom

Access to the space is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

Expanded Map booklaunch

// 6pm, Wednesday 4 December 2013

Join us for the launch of the publication for Expanded Map at RM gallery this Wednesday 4th December at 6pm. Index have done a superb job with the design and we are very excited to share it!

Expanded Map was a two part exhibition exploring the transforming role(s) of mapping in contemporary society. The two shows included work by Phil Dadson, Amelia Harris, Yolunda Hickman, Tom Hinton, Paul Janman and Scott Hamilton, Jeremy Leatinu’u, Clare Noonan, Lize Mogel, Gigi Scaria, Balamohan Shingade, Bob van der Wal, Ruth Watson, and James Wylie.

Whether it be pinpointing your position against iconic landmarks in the skyline, checking in at Britomart on twitter or creating your own maps that better suit personal experience, the way we locate ourselves within our landscape is changing. The two exhibitions contained fourteen artists approaching the subject from a variety of angles and attitudes, and with the definition of mapping broadening we were able to create an exhibition that could speak directly to cartography but also its digital migration into new and unfamiliar territories.

The publication includes documentation of the two part show Expanded Map and a conversation between its curators, discussing the show and the currency of cartography today.

Come have a drink with us, celebrate the book and the start of summer!

-Ruth Watson and James Wylie

Publication design by

Das Superpaper magazine launch

Issue 29: IRRATIONAL AGENTS: Gender, Economics and Affect

Join us for the launch of the new issue of Das Superpaper, guest edited by Alys Moody.

// 5pm, Saturday 30 September 2013

Das Superpaper began publishing conversations about contemporary visual art in 2008. In the five years since, we’ve worked with thousands of artists and writers to present their work in our pages. And we’ve distributed it throughout Australia for audiences to access for free.

We’ve been wanting to come to New Zealand for what feels like forever, and now we’re terribly excited to be arriving in Auckland, with our 29th issue and as much duty-free whiskey as we can carry. So come along, grab a magazine, have a drink and say hello.

Excerpt from the foreword:

This issue of Das Superpaper asks what it means to think about the conjunction of affect, gender and economics in light of contemporary art practice. It suggests that the orientation of affect in contemporary art is structured by ambivalence, both in terms of developing through the complex layering of contradictory feelings, and by generating its own kinds of mixed or uncertain responses….
Art doesn’t simply express or provoke affect; it engages in a complex set of affective exchanges and evasions that implicate and weave themselves through our economic circumstances and our gender and sexual identities. It reveals us all to be irrational agents.

Cover Image: Cherine Fahd Camouflage, 2013. Images courtesy of the artist

Kusum Normoyle, 'A Scream for Ljubljana', 2011, Performance series. Photo by Jaka Babnik. Image courtesy of the artist

Link to the facebook event

Glenn Otto

café paintings

// Thurs. 21 November – Sat. 7 December 2013
// Opening 6pm, Wed. 20 November

Emil Dryburgh

sweet reliefs

// Thurs. 21 November – Sat. 7 December 2013
// Opening 6pm, Wed. 20 November


Dawson Clutterbuck and RM present a-get-together.

It’s a gathering, a party, a live hip hop performance and an artwork. Come be involved, meet/connect with people, share a drink, play pool, sing, dance and feel good.

// Monday 11th November 2013
// 8.15pm onwards

Charlies Bar
368 Karangahape Road, Auckland 1010

Dawson Clutterbuck

Boom Bap, this space, these t-shirts

// Opening 6pm, Wed. 30 October

// Shows run from Thurs. 31 October until Sat. 16 November 2013

Public talk: Sat. 16 November — more details to be announced closer to the date.

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