Submitting Proposals

RM is happy to accept proposals from artists and curators, individuals and groups, wanting to exhibit or create a project with us. We are also very interested in receiving proposals for workshops, events or off-site projects.

Exhibitions (three-weeks in duration including install period):

Since the gallery was established in 1997, short-run exhibitions have been a core part of our programme. These three-week shows are similar to the format of most artist-run-spaces, usually consisting of solo-shows, collaborative projects, small or large group exhibitions.

Part of the space is set aside for our office, while there is a separate archive space that is independent from the exhibitions. It is quite important to us that the office remains clearly defined and functional part of the space.

Should you have any questions or would like to know more about the proposal process please feel free to contact us at

Making proposals for exhibitions, events, workshops and other projects.

After looking through screeds of proposals over the last fifteen or so years the ones that have generally worked best have been the ones that have genuinely reflected an artist’s interests, ideas and attitudes. If you feel that your work is written and presented in a way that you are comfortable and happy with, it generally comes across better than those that are trying too hard to impress. For this reason we have generally avoided prescribing a fixed list of things to included within your proposal, and have instead suggested some key areas that might help.

What we do need:

All proposals should include visual or audio material, in a form that can be easily viewed by our four directors. Work provided on disk or emailed files, printed examples or photographs all work well. If you wish for these items to be returned please include a stamped-addressed envelope.

We recommend that you include a written outline of your work, with a background of the participants, your practice, and an overview of what you intend to present at RM. Ideally this text should be written and presented in a way that you feel best reflects your practice. Some outlines may tend to be specific in terms of the installation and execution of the work, whereas others may tend to focus on the ideas and methods that will help generate the body of work. As practicing artists we understand that most shows will tend to develop and diverge from what has been suggested within the proposal — we see the proposal as a starting point for a conversation with you; an introduction into an exhibition that is still in the working phase.

What might be helpful:

It may be helpful to suggest a timeframe that you are aiming for.

We are just as interested in supporting newbies and those who might sit outside of the scene as we are in working with seasoned professionals. A CV is not generally required, though you may choose to include one if you feel that it will be helpful.

All proposals will be read through by the current members of the RM board.

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RM is happy to accept proposals at any time of the year. We generally work with our exhibitions scheuled at least six-months in advance, though there can be some exceptions to this. Workshops and events are much more flexible however. Depending upon our own activities and workload and the number of proposals we’ve recieved it may take some time to give you a response to your application.

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