Submitting Proposals

Exhibition and Event Proposals

RM supports and promotes new developments in the contemporary arts. We invite proposals for solo or group exhibitions, as well as events, workshops, performances, talks and screenings. We are also interested in supporting online, off-site and ephemeral projects.

The RM Collective holds calls for proposals each year. We encourage applicants to send their proposals in response to these callouts. However the Collective recognises that for various reasons some proposals may require consideration at a specific time and we are also happy to accept these during the year. Additionally, RM encourages one off events running concurrently with our exhibition programme. Please email RM at info@rm.org.nz if you would like to hold an event at RM.

Please include in your proposal:

A Written Statement (maximum of 500 words)
A written outline of your proposed work, with a background of the participants, your practice, and an overview of what you intend to present at RM. Ideally this text should be written and presented in a way that you feel best reflects your practice. Some outlines may tend to be specific in terms of the installation and execution of the work, whereas others may tend to focus on the ideas and methods that will help generate the body of work. As practicing artists we understand that most shows will tend to develop and diverge from what has been suggested within the proposal — we see the proposal as a starting point for a conversation with you; an introduction into an exhibition that is still in the working phase.

Visual/Audio Material
Photographs of the work to be shown or documentation of recent work that clearly indicates the type of work that is intended. Performance, film, sound or video should  be sent in the as an appropriate digital file, or a link to a website where the work can be viewed.

The Space
Please consider the layout of the gallery when making your proposal. In this proposal round we ask that you consult the floor plan attached to this email and include whether you prefer Space R or Space M. The Archive Room is not usually available for exhibitions.

Artist CV
An artist CV is not required. However applicants are free to include one.

Contact details
Please include a contact phone number and email address.

Email applications as a single PDF document to rmartistspace@gmail.com.

Exhibitions usually run for a period of four weeks, however RM is happy to be flexible regarding the length of a show.

Any further information or clarification can be sought from the RM Collective. Please email us at rmartistspace@gmail.com

Download the 2020 floorplan here

The Archive Room Residency

The archive room residency aims to provide space for larger long-form projects that are not necessarily limited by the traditional constraints of exhibition making. The three month residency, which takes place in our archive room, is designed to allow for practices, research, and project outcomes requiring time and space to develop.

RM is interested in supporting a wide range of research modes and practices. Some examples of research projects include: a collaborative mapping project, a conversation pit, a dynamic studio, an ongoing research and writing project, a kitchen, a radio station etc.

RM’s collective members will provide support throughout the project’s development, as well as studio space.

  • Successful applicants will be aware of RM opening times and events throughout the 12 weeks.
  • We ask that the archive room can still operate in some dimension as a functional space, whereby the archive is accessible and there is space for other research to occur.
  • We ask that an outcome or research is shared with the public or RM team at some point during the residency. This could take many forms including (but not limited to): talks, workshops, screenings, kai kōrero, dance parties, walks, publications/production of texts, image making/sharing…
  • We ask that a permanent contribution is made to the RM archive.

All proposals should include visual or audio material in a form that can be easily viewed by our collective members. We recommend that you include a written outline of your work, with a background of the participants, your practice, and an overview of what you are hoping to achieve over this period, as well as your contact details.

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We are located in the centre of Auckland, close to Karangahape Road. We are on Samoa House Lane, just off of Beresford Street -- look out for the incredible fale of Samoa House and you're nearly there.
We are  2 minutes walk from Artspace, Ivan Anthony and Michael Lett.

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