Lovesong Lagoon

// 6pm Friday 13 December 2013

Intense Mystical Feeling (Lucy McMillan & Tahi Moore) will perform

from Unavailable Dimensions at 6pm

// Exhibition runs from Sat. 14 December until Sat. 21 December 2013

Seaweed on the ocean floor, pulled by tides;
Images of things.
To catalogue every whim.
Transparent sheet – of flesh colour or a smoked glass windowpane– to look out of but not in
Paper – sitting behind other papers – looking out at us and onto
the backs of each other’s heads
3 acorns, a feather and a rock – that I held while walking – they never knew I’d bring them here
A thin golden sheet – to keep the wall warm
They can tell us what they are
Last July’s lavender – is a path wrapping around a fragrant field
Oil tipped onto porous paper – a rubbing of my table – excavating earth’s skin
Glue and wood – a painted body in a frame
Blue sand on grey crepe – material movement – a river
Paint on red velvet sheet – pillow on a bed
Clear plastic – to see things through – the room you stand in
We’re standing in the sea

10 paintings


3 songs