Issue 29: IRRATIONAL AGENTS: Gender, Economics and Affect

Join us for the launch of the new issue of Das Superpaper, guest edited by Alys Moody.

// 5pm, Saturday 30 September 2013

Das Superpaper began publishing conversations about contemporary visual art in 2008. In the five years since, we’ve worked with thousands of artists and writers to present their work in our pages. And we’ve distributed it throughout Australia for audiences to access for free.

We’ve been wanting to come to New Zealand for what feels like forever, and now we’re terribly excited to be arriving in Auckland, with our 29th issue and as much duty-free whiskey as we can carry. So come along, grab a magazine, have a drink and say hello.

Excerpt from the foreword:

This issue of Das Superpaper asks what it means to think about the conjunction of affect, gender and economics in light of contemporary art practice. It suggests that the orientation of affect in contemporary art is structured by ambivalence, both in terms of developing through the complex layering of contradictory feelings, and by generating its own kinds of mixed or uncertain responses….
Art doesn’t simply express or provoke affect; it engages in a complex set of affective exchanges and evasions that implicate and weave themselves through our economic circumstances and our gender and sexual identities. It reveals us all to be irrational agents.

Cover Image: Cherine Fahd Camouflage, 2013. Images courtesy of the artist

Kusum Normoyle, 'A Scream for Ljubljana', 2011, Performance series. Photo by Jaka Babnik. Image courtesy of the artist

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