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Philippa Emery and Ziggy Lever


// Thurs. 6 June – Sat. 22 June 2013
// Opening, 6pm, Wed. 5 June

UN-MAKING, Philippa Emery and Ziggy Lever

Some objects take a long time to put down. Words are often used such as energy, vibrance, feel and encounter when trying to put an experience with these objects into language. This is a space of uncertainty, of kinetic truce. A weight that continues to press even after it has left. This object doesn’t need to be touched to know its feel, for it radiates its textures. This time the object is one of many, indeed, it already was, radiance enfolds in perpetual whirlwind; until something emerges. The divide between body and object begins to undo it’s self as definitions blur and intertwine, revealing the ambiguous nature of all bodies.

Expanded Map (1 of 2)

Phil Dadson

Amelia Harris

Yolunda Hickman

Thomas Hinton

Paul Janman + Scott Hamilton

Gigi Scaria

James Wylie


Curated by Ruth Watson and James Wylie


// Opens 6pm, Wed. 15 May
// Thurs. 16 May – Sat. 1 June 2013

Maps and mapping are no longer just about geographic features, but have expanded exponentially to include multiple objects and social events, from the galactic and the microscopic, to the transient to the ephemeral. Mapping is increasingly evident in a range of art practices, whether named as such or not. Expanded Map will provide a variety of media, processes and subjects, ranging from the use of buckets to rubbings to memorialising and interactivity.

The first exhibition (1) will be opening Wednesday 15th May at 6pm. The second show (2) will open early August, accompanied by a publication produced in collaboration with Index.


Florence Wild, Signe Rose, Harriet Stockman and Eleanor Cooper

Curated by
Anya Henis

// Opens 6pm, Wed. 24 April

// Thurs. 25 April – Sat. 11 May 2013


Clinton Richards


// Thurs. 4 April – Sat. 20 April 2013
// Opens 6pm, Wed. 3 April

sometimes it is easier to stay in bed

let me stay soggy in the sheets

play with my mind

despair my beats

much to do matador

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Ian Jervis

// Thurs. 4 April – Sat. 20 April 2013
// Opens 6pm, Wed. 3 April

Ian Jervis explores painting as a process of unfolding potential – from a web of past trajectories and, unaccountably, through the production of the new. His interest is in how a new image emerges through a loosening of adhesions with the past, but also in interaction with the totality of all past images and their web of affective and conceptual connections. While the new image might appear to unfold from a point of confluence where pressure of the past has come to focus, this pressure point is an artifice of the attempt to locate trajectory. Instead, the image emerges from a diffuse plane of immanent potential, where trajectory could only be conceived retrospectively as a continuum of dynamic, contingent, multiple, interpenetrating, and continually re-orientating paths. In this respect he is exploring how, rather than being concerned with establishing trajectory, it is more important that an artist practices simultaneous remembering and forgetting.

Sue-Li Tasker Yeo


// Thurs. 14 March – Sat. 30 March 2013
// Opens 6pm, Wed. 13 March

… but the showstoppers for me were the magnolias. How large, crisp, pink-streaked white flowers could emerge from such hard grey branches, crisp and fresh like apples, with the same kind of smell. The furry pointed buds at the beginning of the season, the brown creases in the petals that fall to the ground and get stepped on, the light yellow-green colour of the small leaves that start appearing once those flowers are in full force, also from nowhere, from the hard grey bark.


Sue-Li Tasker Yeo uses text, narrative and performance to make works which react to, and often attempt to sympathise with, existing works and situations.

The work for this show investigates the peculiar type of intimacy and knowing which personal storytelling brings about.

Susie Thomas

Ruptures; phasing out

// Thurs. 14 March – Sat. 30 March 2013
// Opens 6pm, Wed. 13 March


There is a certain type of intimacy that goes with deep sea diving, not the type you find between people or on the pillow. Something a little less personal and a little more unpredictable.

Something emerges as your breathing slows, a rhythm is created between the heartbeat and the breath, a sort of soft focus for your attention which is at once sparse and concentrated, delicate with every movement…


Susie Thomas is an Auckland based Artist, her recent shows include Dust Falls Frequently and Constantly, Shoreditch, London and Indefinite Leave to Remain, ST Paul St Gallery, Auckland.

For the exhibition at rm, Thomas will present a composition in the space, this predominately sound based work will be put together over the course of the show. A prospective arrangement of the timetable will be available in the gallery.

Artists Talk: Kentaro Yamada

// 4pm, Saturday 9 March
// (after the bus returns from Te Tuhi)

Kentaro will be talking about the agency of objects and material history, as well as volcanoes and rocks and their relationship to Japanese pottery. A collection of Japanese Chawan bowls made by local artists in our recent set of workshops will also be on display. Read More

Boris Dornbusch

A battery powered clock placed & left behind somewhere inside a hollow wall

// Thursday 21 February 2013 – open end
// Opening 6pm, Wednesday 20 February

A battery powered clock placed & left behind somewhere inside a hollow wall


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