// Thurs. 4 April – Sat. 20 April 2013
// Opens 6pm, Wed. 3 April

Ian Jervis explores painting as a process of unfolding potential – from a web of past trajectories and, unaccountably, through the production of the new. His interest is in how a new image emerges through a loosening of adhesions with the past, but also in interaction with the totality of all past images and their web of affective and conceptual connections. While the new image might appear to unfold from a point of confluence where pressure of the past has come to focus, this pressure point is an artifice of the attempt to locate trajectory. Instead, the image emerges from a diffuse plane of immanent potential, where trajectory could only be conceived retrospectively as a continuum of dynamic, contingent, multiple, interpenetrating, and continually re-orientating paths. In this respect he is exploring how, rather than being concerned with establishing trajectory, it is more important that an artist practices simultaneous remembering and forgetting.