// Thurs. 14 March – Sat. 30 March 2013
// Opens 6pm, Wed. 13 March

… but the showstoppers for me were the magnolias. How large, crisp, pink-streaked white flowers could emerge from such hard grey branches, crisp and fresh like apples, with the same kind of smell. The furry pointed buds at the beginning of the season, the brown creases in the petals that fall to the ground and get stepped on, the light yellow-green colour of the small leaves that start appearing once those flowers are in full force, also from nowhere, from the hard grey bark.


Sue-Li Tasker Yeo uses text, narrative and performance to make works which react to, and often attempt to sympathise with, existing works and situations.

The work for this show investigates the peculiar type of intimacy and knowing which personal storytelling brings about.