// 6pm, Wednesday 4 December 2013

Join us for the launch of the publication for Expanded Map at RM gallery this Wednesday 4th December at 6pm. Index have done a superb job with the design and we are very excited to share it!

Expanded Map was a two part exhibition exploring the transforming role(s) of mapping in contemporary society. The two shows included work by Phil Dadson, Amelia Harris, Yolunda Hickman, Tom Hinton, Paul Janman and Scott Hamilton, Jeremy Leatinu’u, Clare Noonan, Lize Mogel, Gigi Scaria, Balamohan Shingade, Bob van der Wal, Ruth Watson, and James Wylie.

Whether it be pinpointing your position against iconic landmarks in the skyline, checking in at Britomart on twitter or creating your own maps that better suit personal experience, the way we locate ourselves within our landscape is changing. The two exhibitions contained fourteen artists approaching the subject from a variety of angles and attitudes, and with the definition of mapping broadening we were able to create an exhibition that could speak directly to cartography but also its digital migration into new and unfamiliar territories.

The publication includes documentation of the two part show Expanded Map and a conversation between its curators, discussing the show and the currency of cartography today.

Come have a drink with us, celebrate the book and the start of summer!

-Ruth Watson and James Wylie

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