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I Understand If You’re Busy

I Understand If You’re Busy

// March 11- April 2

Sarah Callesen /
Olyvia Hong /
Anh Tran /
Taylor Wagstaff /
Ellie Lee-Duncan /
Holly Paynter /
Rachel Ashby /
Kari Schmidt /
Loulou Callister-Baker /

Anxiety is a psychological and physiological phenomenon familiar to most all of us in this contemporary time. ‘I Understand If You’re Busy’ aims to examine its nature in an effort to contextualise, understand and perhaps exorcise or ameliorate it, through utilising strategies of investigation, transformation and escape. Accordingly, the exhibition attempts to play with and/or make useful an otherwise uncomfortable sensation, by which we are increasingly beset.

As a title, ‘I Understand if You’re Busy’ nods to anxiety as it manifests itself in micro-moments, particularly within the context of texts, Facebook messages and emails: ‘I understand if you’re busy’; ‘I’m sorry to be a pain…’; ‘It’s all good if not’; ‘I just wanted to check whether…’; ‘No worries if not…’; ‘Yeah, nah…’; ‘Can I ask a question?’ etc.

The exhibition will examine the concept and experience of anxiety through art, writing and a series of events including a poetry reading, panel discussion and story-telling event. It will feature an accompanying publication to be released at a closing event, as well as the zine ANXIETY which will be launched at an associated event. The exhibition will also show at the newly established [tacit] gallery in Hamilton, from the 12th – 29th of April.

Shivanjani Lal: यहाँ से देखें [yahaan se dekhen]

Shivanjani Lal
यहाँ से देखें [yahaan se dekhen]

November 8-December 2
Opening November 8th 6pm

The phrase यहाँ से देखें [yahaan se dekhen] translated means to see from here, in this site specific  video installation at RM gallery, this statement is offered as a position to consider notions of memory, erasure and passing. The titular film यहाँ से देखें [yahaan se dekhen] explores the artist’s return to her Aaji’s (paternal grandmother’s) farmhouse in Fiji after an absence of 11 years, 13 years after her passing. The film explores the landscape of the country side, and the house, whilst slowly moving inwards to reveal an unchanged room: her room. Throughout the visuals we hear disembodied conversations, in Fijian Hindi and English. These conversations speak of the relationships she has with the house and with her family.

Shivanjani Lal is an emerging Pacific artist and curator, she was born in Fiji, is culturally Indian, and grew up in Western Sydney. Lal’s practice seeks to question the body, gesture and home. She creates work from her position as a twice removed culturally Indian, Fijian Australian artist whose history is intrinsically linked to the indentured labour diaspora of the Pacific and Asia. Currently Lal is using spatial activations and video to create archives which document and analyse her personal narratives in the broader context of the social history which brought her family from India to Fiji and now to Australia. This is done to preserve, create and redefine the history of the Indo-Fijian Community away from the narratives produced by the current political climate in both Fiji and India.



Plan to be wrapped up in cozy minks this Sunday?

Drop in at RM Gallery to get styled in blanket couture by artist Sione Monu and photographed by artist Jermaine Dean any time from 1- 4pm.

An assortment of minks will be available for you to choose from but if you have your own special kafu then please feel free to bring it along!


Sione Monu often uses Instagram (visit @sione93) as an art tool, constantly creating artworks that utilise the platform as a way of re-indigenising space as well as create accessibility for his community to engage with the works. His series of self portraits #BlanketCouture (2016) came to life due to a day of play but with only having access to the materials in his home. Although playful the use of blankets are on the artists’ body are striking and intimate as the artist challenges notions of representation and gender.

Jermaine Dean is of Māori heritage and is a member of the roots Vogue scene in Aotearoa New Zealand while also working in the space as a photographer and visual artist. A member of the collective FAFSWAG, Dean has been building an important portfolio of work that documents the Vouge scene while also being an active member.

Fuck election night: celebrating the limits of parliamentarianism

“Everything’s Fucked: but the point is to go beyond that” presents an election night party celebrating the limits of parliamentary politics.
Let’s face it, regardless of who wins the election the result will do little to help those suffering from the structural inequalities inherent to the racist, patriarchal capitalist system that truly governs our country. Thankfully, politics doesn’t only happen once every three years and political organisation is not limited to the party form. Join us in a celebration of our capacity to collectively organise against the status quo for real change.

We will be live streaming election coverage and will have performances from:

Baby Zionov
Hammer and Sickle
poetry by Vanessa Crofskey

and Speakers:

Vanessa Cole (Auckland Action Against Poverty)
Justine Sachs (Socialist)

Remedial Reading

Remedial learning examines the notion of a ‘remedial class’ as a curative, reparative or compensatory way of learning. The idea of a remedial class suggests a transformation in order to fit in with things as they are, while suppressing the symptoms of alterity. Remedial learning attempts to reimagine the potential for radical transformation by asserting decentralised bodies of knowledge.

Remedial learning is presented as a one day ‘remedial class’ exploring the potential for physical, cultural and environmental healing through a series of drop-in workshops and opportunities for knowledge exchange.

With contributions from
Tosh Ahkit
Louie Bretana
Divyaa Kumar
Vanessa Crofskey
Kaoru Kodama & Albert Ashton
Natalia Saegusa
Amy Weng


Open all day
Trading table for remedies – Amy Weng
Visitors are invited to bring a remedy or a cure for exchange – these might be rongoā, Traditional Chinese medicines, recipes for nourishing soups, poultices, karakia, garden herbs etc.

Asia Aotearoa Big Bang Collective
Reading group and movement facilitated by Tosh Ahkit
Text: Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine
+ Kawakawa tea

Kaoru Kodama & Albert Ashton
Seaweed in Japanese and Māori diets

Performance by Natalia Saegusa

Poetry reading by Vanessa Crofskey
+ fortune cookie

5:30 – 7PM
Bite me – Decolonising the diet
Eat My Rice presented by Louie Bretana
Eat My Spice presented by Divyaa Kumar

Koha or offering is appreciated

Hardly Working

Hardly Working
Wendelein Bakker, Clare Fleming, Deborah Rundle, Shelley Simpson

12th October – 4th November 2017

Sharing an interest in labour and the ethics of work within contemporary society, the artists in this exhibition approach the subject from a diversity of perspectives. Mindfulness apps, baby induced exhaustion, prospecting for gold and peace lilies are co-opted to propose new, prompt conversations. Invariably, each artist questions the nature of work and asks, ‘who is working for whom, and on whose terms?’


He aha e tangi te kainga rite? / What sounds like home?

He aha e tangi te kainga rite? / What sounds like home?

Open daily 1-6pm during Artweek Auckland, 7 – 15 October

RM, presents a response by UNIFORM
Offsite at Ellen Melville Centre 
Corner of High Street & Freyburg Place
New Zealand

A reverberation of our home Tāmaki Makaurau. Mapping home through sound, colour and light from the underground for everyone.


Saturday 7 Oct2-4pm.

Light, Colour, Sound play workshop.
Using elements of the installation we will be leading an interactive play workshop for families and groups with children.

LATE NIGHT ART Tuesday 10 Oct6-9pm
Publication launch and live performance night
Uniform members Ducklingmonster, Tina Pihema, and CUTSS will perform a live sonic exploration of the installation. https://www.heartofthecity.co.nz/arts-and-culture/live-music/artweek/late-night-art-0

Friday Late Night 13 Oct6-8pm
Drawing on memories of Friday night “going to town” Uniform will open for an evening social session.
Funded by Auckland Council and delivered in partnership with RM and Artweek Auckland.

RM Gallery and Project Space
Thursday and Friday 1pm - 5pm
Saturday 12pm - 4pm

Samoa House Lane
Auckland Central 1010

We are located in the centre of Auckland, close to Karangahape Road. We are on Samoa House Lane, just off of Beresford Street -- look out for the incredible fale of Samoa House and you're nearly there.
We are  2 minutes walk from Artspace, Ivan Anthony and Michael Lett.

Safe Space Alliance

RM is a member of Safe Space Alliance

A safe space is a space where the LGBTQI+ community can freely express themselves without fear. It is a space that does not tolerate violence, bullying, or hate speech towards the LGBTQI+ community.

A safe space does not guarantee 100% safety, rather, it’s a space that has your back if an incident (violence, bullying, or hate speech) were to occur.

Click here to find out more about Safe Space Alliance

The RM Archive Project

Help us identify what is in our Archive! We have digitised many slides in our archive and invite participation to identify them. Please click here to access the collection.

Our Boxed Archive
Since 2009 RM has been building an archive of material related to our exhibition and event programme. An index to the collection is available here.

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