Shi Xu

\\ 18th October – 3rd November 2018

“I’d like to say that, in my first solo exhibition, I am be-coming an artist. My present works are about the internet culture and how it relates with contemporary art. I think that since the internet is changing our lifestyles, it has becomes a part of our culture, which means that there are group of people who belong there. I don’t expect my audience to all have the same experiences, but after seeing my show, I hope that they will take some ideas away. There’s one about Miku. She’s a virtual character. Everyone can make music in her name and share it on the internet. So, it should be said that there are a group of artists called Miku, who are making Miku music. I believe it’s a good idea, because, for people who aren’t ‘Artists’ as a job, they are able to share their works and also gain honour. That makes creating art flexible and easier. Especially in contemporary art, art works don’t have to be so heavy.

I want to use my works to loudly say my reasons for being an artist; to declare my attitude towards transitions, the future and everything I am against; and to create  conversation with everything that exists that I also care about. Therefore, I re-created some famous artists’ works as my start.”