Hannah Berry
Don’t Sweat Your Metal

\\ 8- 24 November

RM Gallery presents Don’t Sweat Your Metal, a series of sculptural works by Auckland artist Hannah Berry.

DSYM continues an on-going investigation in Chronology-building, and how production processes (material vs digital, tactile vs industrial) inform the emergence of iconography that is then dispersed on a cybernetic scale, and intuitively recognised upon human encounter, giving rise to the creation of epochs.
A departure from Berry’s previous works which employed Digital or Time-Based elements to talk about contemporary modes of “affect”, DSYM regresses back to the intimacy and immediacy of working with a single material. Wax is heated, scraped, sliced, pushed into embodiments of information, employing haptic processes as a form of present-tense archaeology. Primitive modes of production point towards dialogue surrounding the role of the body in artistic production, meaning-making in Contemporaneity, or an incidental tool for “fleshing out” the emotional subtext of objects/symbols during the production process.