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Should I tell you what the actual Sistine Chapel looks like?

 Still from “Should I tell you” by Diva Blair.

// Friday 8 July, 6:15pm

A ONE NIGHT-SCREENING of work by emerging Auckland artists:

Wendelien Bakker

Diva Blair

Magdalena Hoult

George Lyon & Shiraz Sadikeen

Theo Macdonald

Joanna Neumegen

Daphne Simmons

Matavai Taulangau


The screening will begin at 6.15pm and will run for approximately 50 minutes.

Seating, beverages, and snacks will be available for your viewing pleasure.


Still from “Should I tell you” by Diva Blair.


Fuck Me 3

// Thurs 7 July 2016, 6pm

Fuck Me 3

FUCK ME is an ongoing project exploring the relationship between sex and capitalism through the mediums of writing and performance. FUCK ME aspires to be a mutable, independent and inclusive platform that allows for a self-initiated politicising of our bodies and identities. As the title suggests, FUCK ME is both an exclamation and an invitation, an avenue for us to express our discontent and initiate our collective hopes and desires.

This iteration of FUCK ME begins from an interrogation of ideas pertaining to excess and marks an expansion of the project’s preliminary focus upon orality, embracing film and print.

The contributors across these platforms on the night will be:
Ruby Porter • Dan Sanders • Pooja Subramanian • Max Whitehurst • Darren Franke • Matilda Fraser • Alex Wild • Robin Murphy • Beverly Lim • Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle • David J White • Evangeline Riddiford Graham • Selina Ershadi • Diva Blair • Hana Aoake • Vanessa Cole • Micaela Cole • Daniela Zahlner • Karma • Samuel Te Kani • Anna Rankin • Dylan Meals • Sam Wallman • Owen Connors • Gregory Kan • George Watson • Ella Scott-Fleming • Sydney • Susanna Collinson • Imogen Taylor • Cameron Elmy Yates

Sarah Smuts-Kennedy

Star circuit : Heart circuit
Events within Boundaries

// Opening, Wednesday 8 June, 6pm

// Thursday 9 June – Saturday 25 June 2016

Events within Boundaries is a site and calendar specific installation that materialized during a 7 day informal studio residency Smuts-Kennedy undertook at RM during Matariki 2015.

It continues her inquiry into the potential for geometric form to function as site-specific tools for investigating the qualities of space.

Smuts-Kennedy’s practice is focused on a research based investigation into fields of energy as they engage with conceptual thinking both within an art based language and other intuition driven modes of enquiry.

Much of her thinking has developed in sync with the growth of her large garden which she has established using biodynamic and permaculture principles, at Maunga Kereru 45 minutes north of Auckland.

Melanie Kung

Empathy and Abstraction

//Opening Wednesday 18 May, 6pm

// Thursday 19 May – Saturday 4 June 2016

Empathy and Abstraction presents an iteration of a body of work that began with the idea of starting a collection — an interest in the greatness of the mundanity involved in this process of accumulation which is an easy-going, on-going, everyday activity. The resulting images are traces of a series of moments – moments of quiet that are not typically looked forward to or remembered but nevertheless form a technical calendar. The images have been conditioned to form an index in abstraction, tracing the distance from the moments themselves. This intangible distance offers the potential for the abstract dimensions of all things to surface and be cared for.

Ashleigh Wilding

To eat a whole animal 2

// Opening, Wednesday 27 April, 6pm

// Thursday 28 April – Saturday 14 May 2016


To eat a whole animal, a Painting exhibition

To eat whole animal explores the complexities of teaching and of learning to paint. These paintings are the by-products of a series of rigidly representational portraits, outsiders used to clean brushes, isolate gestures, or indulge in the sensuality of the medium. Through the intuitive process of mark making, they create their own language of instruction and redefine the initial criteria for success.

Though the original series is not present in the exhibition, traces of the gestures and lines within it emerge throughout these subsiduary paintings. Parts of these works can be read or recognised, however they do not attempt to communicate beyond their semiotic value as Paintings. Gestures manifest without intention, or any attempt to convey narrative or image. The rejected originals have lost their value, a discarded departure point for reactionary experiments.

In To eat a whole animal, paintings propose a way of existing outside of language and systems, a process for tracing the fringe of mistake and success, student and teacher, and memory and body.

Lucy Meyle

Serving Suggestions

// Thursday 7 April – Saturday 22 April 2016

// Opening, Wednesday 6 April, 6pm

Auckland-based artist Lucy Meyle makes sculptures and drawings proposing humourous perspectives on everyday things.

Using materials like masking tape, orange peel, PE foam, and sunlight, the exhibition works to uncover the possibilities of the intersection of care and humour.  Why are certain degrees of care considered silly, and why are other types considered appropriate responses? Through shifts in scale and alternative uses of objects, the sculptures and drawings in Serving Suggestions investigate roles of humour and care in art and society.

Paw Paws 2016 - Lucy Meyle



Uniform Make Room

Over the next month at RM Uniform will be unpacking the collective AV cupboard and constructing an array of processes. Working in film, paint, sound, and print, Uniform produce work that simultaneously documents and engages with their physical environment and the communities they are part of. On-site at RM in the following weeks will be a growing small press reading rack, a !no venues! event, and a constant chaotic mess….

An artist talk by Xin Cheng

Multiple Layers and Modes of Living, Sharing Together

// Saturday 19 March 2016, 2pm


Could art schools be legalised crime?

Is ‘waste’ our ‘greatest’ resource?

What happens when you put artist-run spaces, permaculture, improvisation jams and self-built communities together?

Xin Cheng would like to share some of her experience of self-organising communities in Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and elsewhere.


Notes from reading "How to Build an Indie Nation" by Kyohei Sakaguchi
Image: Notes from reading “How to Build an Indie Nation” by Kyohei Sakaguchi

This gathering came out of a research trip and residency in Korea <>, generously supported by the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

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