To eat a whole animal 2

// Opening, Wednesday 27 April, 6pm

// Thursday 28 April – Saturday 14 May 2016


To eat a whole animal, a Painting exhibition

To eat whole animal explores the complexities of teaching and of learning to paint. These paintings are the by-products of a series of rigidly representational portraits, outsiders used to clean brushes, isolate gestures, or indulge in the sensuality of the medium. Through the intuitive process of mark making, they create their own language of instruction and redefine the initial criteria for success.

Though the original series is not present in the exhibition, traces of the gestures and lines within it emerge throughout these subsiduary paintings. Parts of these works can be read or recognised, however they do not attempt to communicate beyond their semiotic value as Paintings. Gestures manifest without intention, or any attempt to convey narrative or image. The rejected originals have lost their value, a discarded departure point for reactionary experiments.

In To eat a whole animal, paintings propose a way of existing outside of language and systems, a process for tracing the fringe of mistake and success, student and teacher, and memory and body.