// Thurs 7 July 2016, 6pm

Fuck Me 3

FUCK ME is an ongoing project exploring the relationship between sex and capitalism through the mediums of writing and performance. FUCK ME aspires to be a mutable, independent and inclusive platform that allows for a self-initiated politicising of our bodies and identities. As the title suggests, FUCK ME is both an exclamation and an invitation, an avenue for us to express our discontent and initiate our collective hopes and desires.

This iteration of FUCK ME begins from an interrogation of ideas pertaining to excess and marks an expansion of the project’s preliminary focus upon orality, embracing film and print.

The contributors across these platforms on the night will be:
Ruby Porter • Dan Sanders • Pooja Subramanian • Max Whitehurst • Darren Franke • Matilda Fraser • Alex Wild • Robin Murphy • Beverly Lim • Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle • David J White • Evangeline Riddiford Graham • Selina Ershadi • Diva Blair • Hana Aoake • Vanessa Cole • Micaela Cole • Daniela Zahlner • Karma • Samuel Te Kani • Anna Rankin • Dylan Meals • Sam Wallman • Owen Connors • Gregory Kan • George Watson • Ella Scott-Fleming • Sydney • Susanna Collinson • Imogen Taylor • Cameron Elmy Yates