// Opening Wednesday 13 September 2017, 6pm

// 14 September – 23 September 2017

An exhibition of new works by Ary Jansen and Matavai Taulangau.

Good / Bad

How do we stop cycles of social harm while considering the histories and contexts of both survivor and perpetrator? <em>Good / Bad</em> is a monologue driven video installation which draws on personal and organisational experiences of using transformative justice as a way to navigate and solve social harm. Transformative Justice relies on the strength of community to support survivors while holding perpetrators accountable without the using punitive and isolating force of the criminal justice system.

Ary Jansen is an honours student at AUT and an active member of People Against Prisons Aotearoa who applies the theories and practices of abolitionist activism to his video installations. Ary aims to emotionally move his audience through why and how hegemonic structures such as capitalism, incarceration and colonisation instigate how we conceive of ourselves and each other.


Ward 3

Documenting the process of Cardboard Manufacturing. Filmed closely alongside the workers on their daily routine within the factory, specifically focusing on the physical manner of a variety of tasks. The work explores the co-existence of human and machine, the value of both components critical in the factory work life.

Matavai Taulangau completed his bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours at AUT University in 2016. Interested in the idea of labour, Taulangau takes notice, observes and through his lens based practice, values occupations which some may seem as not important. As he explores the value of work intrinsically connected is the value of people and their experiences.