Shivanjani Lal
यहाँ से देखें [yahaan se dekhen]

November 8-December 2
Opening November 8th 6pm

The phrase यहाँ से देखें [yahaan se dekhen] translated means to see from here, in this site specific  video installation at RM gallery, this statement is offered as a position to consider notions of memory, erasure and passing. The titular film यहाँ से देखें [yahaan se dekhen] explores the artist’s return to her Aaji’s (paternal grandmother’s) farmhouse in Fiji after an absence of 11 years, 13 years after her passing. The film explores the landscape of the country side, and the house, whilst slowly moving inwards to reveal an unchanged room: her room. Throughout the visuals we hear disembodied conversations, in Fijian Hindi and English. These conversations speak of the relationships she has with the house and with her family.

Shivanjani Lal is an emerging Pacific artist and curator, she was born in Fiji, is culturally Indian, and grew up in Western Sydney. Lal’s practice seeks to question the body, gesture and home. She creates work from her position as a twice removed culturally Indian, Fijian Australian artist whose history is intrinsically linked to the indentured labour diaspora of the Pacific and Asia. Currently Lal is using spatial activations and video to create archives which document and analyse her personal narratives in the broader context of the social history which brought her family from India to Fiji and now to Australia. This is done to preserve, create and redefine the history of the Indo-Fijian Community away from the narratives produced by the current political climate in both Fiji and India.