Zoe Thompson-Moore
23 November – 17 December 2022

A gathering together of pieces –

– Breadline – Making shift – Articulated kale – The ties that bind – Spell it out – Bees boiling – Woolgathering – Idle chit chat – Enclosure of the hand – A lump of something wound about – The world turned upside down –

Nature’s Fresh bread bags, plied – Sacks from neighbourhood coffee roastery, smocked – Thread salvaged from potato sacks – My favourite garden fork – Walking Stick Kale grown in various neighbourhood gardens – Seed and seed pods saved from Walking Stick Kale – Used plant pot –Nails salvaged from rotting pallets once used to hold motherload-motherlode (2017-2018) compost heap – Palings from our back fence – Rotted sack exhumed from the neighbourhood compost heap –Last summer’s plant ties cut from old t shirts – Our neighbour’s washing line – Lump of bread made with sourdough mother used during The making of bread, etc. (2019-2020) – Forgotten potato, remembered

piecewerk perambulates the bounds, an emergent vocabulary