Yana Nafysa Dombrowsky-M’Baye

22 November – 16 December 2023

Hands turn slowly, releasing the sole recording of his voice into the air—Glimpses of what a mother saw through the viewfinder of her 8mm camera as she filmed her daughters in the years following their father’s departure—Daughters, aglow in a purple afternoon, picking flowers amid the brush—The Mediterranean sea, golden—The Atlantic sea, blue—Hands, revealing a silvered talisman—The Moon, who has been watching—The Sun, who has been watching—The inexplicable softness with which things occur once the Sun has passed the horizon—Voices, telling stories, singing, calling for her as she searches for traces of her grandfather in present-day Sénégal.

Filmed across Tournon-sur-Rhône, Aix-en-Provence and Dakar, Dombrowsky-M’Baye’s Seuteu unravels an archaeology of her matrilineal ancestry. Carried by the air, we drift in and over homes, bodies of water, landscapes and atmospheres – contemplating the space between memory and lived experience.

Images by Ardit Hoxha