Tarika Sabherwal
Ragini and her nine wives

6 March – 30 March 2024

Ragini is an unexplored part of the self, the protagonist and the voyeur of her own existence. She is the fantasy and the reality, she’s a reimagined past and a reincarnated future. Exploring moments that just don’t seem like they would be associated with Ragini but why not?

Traditionally Ragini is understood as the feminine counterpart to the masculine Raga, often intertwined with the world of music and melody. This connection extends to the Ragamala miniature painting series, where a visual narrative is weaved around musical elements.

In an alternate reality where collective memory is rewritten, Ragini exists as a soft dyke, reincarnated alongside her nine wives as they live out their nine lives. It is the channelling of dyke, what would that version of Ragini look like?

The exhibition follows these manifested alter egos in their search of love, lust, learning, longing, liberation and healing.

Images by Ardit Hoxha