An artists talk:

10 Things I Like About Marshall McLuhan

// 6pm Tuesday 11 February 2014

McLuhan at His Best!

Using his erudiction and incredible command of sources, playing with words to isolate ideas, arriving at essence by altering the angle of view, McLuhan compresses broad comprehension into succinct aphorism.

“Paradox is the posture of the mind when like a boxer balanced on two feet, it is feinting for an opening.”

“The more the data banks record about each one of us, the less we exist.”

“New means create new ends as new services create new discomforts.”

Toronto-based artist Michelle McGeean is visiting Auckland as part of RM’s inaugural artists residency programme. For the last five weeks RM has played host to five artists, with Michelle living and working alongside New Zealand artists Bridget Rewiti, Campbell Walker, and Rachel O’Neill and Melbournite Jessie Bullivant.
This residency, which began on 6 January, and runs through until 15 February, is motivated by the informal conversations that surround art practices. It has been a time for finding ways to open up research and thinking to others; creating a space where we might eat and think and talk together. The artists were provided with an apartment, and the gallery was turned into a shared-studio, and a weekly scheduled of events was developed to help introduce the residents to different sides of Auckland.

Michelle’s participation in this residency is made possible with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.