Call for expressions of interest

// Studio space available from after Christmas until Fri 26 February, 5pm
// Application Deadline Mon 21 December, 5pm

This summer we will take a break from our annual residency whilst we focus on our new programme and redeveloping a few things behind the scenes. But we will continue to make the gallery available as a studio for this time.


As with previous years, our intention is to divide the gallery space between five participants. There has tended to be enough room for a desk and a good amount of wall and floor space. For the duration we’d like to keep the office table and archive room available as a shared area, and have the five participants working within the remainder of the space. There will not be dividing walls or partitions between the working areas. This may not suit all types of practitioner, but it is very much how we’d like to keep things, partly to keep things simple, but also because of our interest in the open-ended conversation that comes through working alongside one another.

There will not be an exhibition occurring as part of the studio—our focus is on providing a space for research and process that is not pressured by outcomes. There is however the possibility of hosting open-studio sessions or more discursive events, if the participants would like to open the studio up to others.

This is not a residency. There is no allowance for accommodation or costs, but nor will there be any charge for rent. It will be a free space, or as close as possible as one can get to free these days.

Access to the space is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


If you are interested in this opportunity please send an expression of interest to on or before Monday 21 December, 5pm. If your files are bigger than 4MB we recommend using for sending your files.

As well as seeking a mix of people who we feel would most benefit from this opportunity (after all, rent ain’t cheap and studio spaces aren’t easy to find in the city) we will also use these expressions of interest to determine how your practice might fit alongside others in a shared studio space.

_ briefly introduce us to your practice

_ tell us how you would plan to use the space and time available

_ tell us why you’d like to be considered

_ include images / examples of your recent work.

PDFS are our preferred format for receiving submissions. Please contact us if you have audio or video files that you’d like us to view.