Sophie Bannan 
Cyan ides
24 September to 10 October 2020

Gelignite admits the fire
Vein obsequies scabs
Kōtukutuku admits the gorse

track the common scrubby associated –

Water drives those two hills
Deep gully receives the milk

go up the suitably-inscribed fine to moderate grained –

Sluice scabs the layers
Cyanide scrutineers
Water wrenches
Continuance drives the swines

persuade the auriferous sound bounded –

Māwheranui locates the body
High hedge locates the moonlight
Grey River receives continuance

run the cool flattened –

Mullock steams the bush gullies
Mists pace the shapes
Bush flat persuades the vein

run the encompassing driven –

Timber inspects the firewood
Quartz reef learns the river

relax down grassed bounded wet –

Kāmahi receives the water
Gold approaches

split the more open cool driven –


Sophie Bannan (b. 1989, Aotearoa New Zealand) is an artist and writer living in Tāmaki Makaurau. Her research is multi-modal, working across image and object making, writing, publishing and curating.