February 12-29th

Drawn from a comfortable intuition that intertwines between a personal and collaborative friendship, Ed Ritchie and Megan Brady present new work exploring an overlap between a poetic aesthetic and a performative engagement within a space. Silent agreements deals directly with
newly divided space M of RM focusing on the natural light which filters through the large window panes. Significantly lowering the highest point of the gallery to increase one’s ability to think in a contemplative manner, Ritchie and Brady have constructed a handmade paper ceiling filling the space above us. The soft ceiling acts as a room divider, encouraging those within the gallery to speak and move softly, calmly while allowing one viewer at a time to delicately observe the space above the constructed ceiling. Soft ceilings allude to temporary settings. Much like being within a tent, marquee or fort, they embody a strange mix of celebration and imagination. Temporary architectures have a certain way of expanding our treatment of space; to our arrangements and our curiosities.