Space M
Samuel Montgomery and Daniel Ellison
What’s the Point
25 Nov – 12 Dec 2020

RM presents What’s the Point, a show of new work by Daniel Ellison and Samuel Montgomery that touches on a variety of issues contributing to what has so far been 2020. Reality and make-believe provided us with a monolithic pile of stories to mull over throughout the year, and as we watched all the bad guys and mediocre guys play them out, we became closer. While people around the world were thrown into various degrees of lockdown, us privileged folk—although physically restricted—took to the internet to experience the world we were missing out on and expand our minds. Aside from giving us cancer or whatever, 5G and social media still allowed us all to connect and share our experiences. Unfortunately, it also gave birth to some pretty frightening theories and events, revitalised old prejudices, and even turned some weirdos into celebrities. But the attention economy doesn’t discriminate, and neither should we. In What’s the Point, Ellison and Montogomery both present work made over the past few months as they both tried to maintain their practices and have a semi-normal life while navigating the various extremities taking place both here and overseas.