// Opening Wednesday 26 November, 6pm
// Exhibition runs until Saturday 13 December 2014

Rebecca Steedman presents a selection of electrical atmospheric sounds recorded during her recent Arteles residency in Finland, alongside visual representations of these sounds/ experiences using natural mixes of clay, mineral reactions, and glazes and stains.

The presented recordings are mainly from Enontekiö (Lapland), where, Steedman stood on a frozen lake in the middle of the night or around dawn in order to capture electrical waves created by lightning and solar storms. Recorded with an extremely low frequency (ELF) receiver, the crackles or static created by natural phenomenon are interlaced with fluctuating man-made sounds generated from things like distant power lines. SkyRadio builds upon Steedman’s ongoing interest in exploring ways to represent/ground ephemerality.

Rebecca Steedman, SkyRadio Rebecca Steedman, SkyRadio