FREEDOM CABBAGE: A bacterial collaboration

Nurturance on the other hand…
The time it takes to grow something…

– After Birth, by Elisa Albert

The art of fermentation is the art of the slow transformation: a quiet daily observation, an intermittent checking in, a leaving be. The art of fermentation is the antithesis of the fast food lifestyle we know and love.

Opening Night / Cultural Exchange Wednesday 20 May, 6pm  
Gift a culture, or pick yourself up a nice new one

Bring your cultures, packaged nicely with instructions, and leave them at the Cultural Exchange Counter on Opening Night.
All cultures welcome. (Any friendship cakes out there? Remember those? One went around school when I was 11 – Justine’s mum was so disgusted by it she threw out the original batch and started from scratch.)


Workshop: Saturday 30 May, 1pm

If you would like to get up to your elbows in shredded cabbage, maybe make a little creme fraiche or a batch of fizzy water kefir, let’s get together.

Bring: – a bag of veg: i.e. cabbage, carrots, onions etc…(one head of cabbage makes around a litre of kraut) – a chopping board – knife and/or grater – a glass jar (I use 1 litre bottling jars)

Contact me via the form at the url below to confirm your spot