Home Studio

// Opening Wednesday 15 October
// Exhibition runs until Saturday 1 November 2014

There are times when I feel like I’ve given over my home to my things. They nestle in, surrounded by the comfort of soft surfaces, colours, and complexity. I make an object, which then gets swallowed by the clutter, and the importance of its making becomes numbed by the mass of useless stuff it joins. Attempts at combining the art with the junk results in awkward objects. Attempts at categorising reveals endless categories. By engaging with this endless pile-up I am overwhelmed with a dizzying sense of both joyful possibility and painful impossibility.

The Home Studio project explores the merging and undoing of art objects in the home. As my studio dissolves into my home space new relationships between things start to emerge. Objects that I might call ‘house things’ and objects I see as ‘art things’ become vital to each other: they are both inhabitants of a space that has come to represent a history of production, need, and memory.