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// Opening Wednesday 5 December, 6pm

// Thursday 6 December – Saturday 22 December 2012


Oscar Enberg and Francis Till

Blorp. another day, another allegation. It’s a conversation of intimacy at the bar, on the bus or in bed. Circling around an idea or ideas of the day. It’s hard to pin it down but it’s interesting. UH-dorable

Someone in the room calls your name and you turn around. Checking The Latest Posts, okay. calculated Disinterest. scrolling friends and waiting for friends
That girl has the same shoes but originality is overrated. My look is constantly updated DON’T WORRY! I Know You Better Than You Know Yourself. The world’s biggest secrets revealed. it’s getting cold, put on a layer. I get days where I’m just down and gloomy, just because I’m human. wow they both have very nasty fat asses    Reply    Like

Oscar Enberg (b.1988, Christchurch, NZ) is an Auckland based artist. Recent exhibitions include Reduced Options for Juergen’s House at Gloria Knight, Auckland (solo) 2012, EVEN further reductions on retail jokes at Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington (performance) 2012, Further reductions on retail jokes at Blue Oyster, Dunedin (performance) 2012, Returned Merchandise and Joke Seconds at Artspace, Auckland (solo) 2012.

Francis Till (b.1989, Christchurch, NZ) is an Auckland based artist. Recent exhibitions include Light Industry at Gloria Knight, Auckland (solo) 2012, Naptime at ABC, Christchurch (group) 2012, Pollution at George Fraser, Auckland (group) 2011.

Enberg and Till are two of the founding members of Gloria Knight.