During the next few weeks RM will be closed as we move out of our current space and set up the gallery next door at 297 Karangahape Road.

In June 2009 Akiko Diegel and Asumi Mizuo had our very first exhibition at 295 Karangahape Road. And, though it was completely unforeseen when we were planning this show, we are moving again, and Akiko has had the very last show at our current space.

As of next month we will take up occupancy right next door, on the first floor of the Mazuran Building, 297 Karangahape Road, and we will be re-opening in mid-April, with an exhibition by Nell May and Blaine Western.

In the seventeen years that I have been involved with the gallery,  and across the five spaces we’ve occupied, this has been, my favourite location. With our office table set up next to that wall of windows, it has been a really rewarding and productive space in which to work, and hopefully that has been reflected in the experience of visiting the shows we’ve hosted. When taking on this large empty room we had to rethink what it was we were doing, and how the gallery might contribute to the ecology around us. I have enjoyed seeing what has emerged from these new directions, and feel a great sense of gratitude to the artists we’ve worked with for helping make our time at 295 K’Rd so memorable. We are very glad to still be part of this neighbourhood, moving next door, to a space that shares many of the qualities of the current RM, as well as the scope to open up new possibilities for the gallery.

– Nick


More details about the new space will be announced at the start of next month. If you’re on our mailing list keep an eye on your email for details about our grand re-opening soon. And if you’re not on our mailing list you can sign up here