Melissa Gilbert
23 November – 17 December 2022

The western mode of “citing your references” within academia delegitimizes cultural modes of knowledge sharing. Cite your references // My uncle said so, depicts the jigsaw puzzle of discovering history from alternative sources and avenues. When digging for content on a colonised culture, historical literature is written with a lens that cannot capture it in it’s entirely and nuance. Due to the lack of useful published sources, there is a need to seek other avenues.

The audio and visual footage in the moving image was captured on an iPhone. The medium with which the content is captured doesn’t matter, merely recording and archiving the stories are the priority. Throughout the year of making this work, I have recorded the unexpected conversations containing wells of knowledge over coffee, ciggie breaks, 4am kick on’s, car rides etc. The visual element to the work is grainy and imperfect, focusing on recording the mundane places of learning and ways of being.

The first recorded conversation is about the pre-colonial women’s boxing matches had in Tonga. The second recording is about the seven types of ofa (love) recognised in Tongan culture.