Space R
Matt Ritani
All Roads
25 Nov – 12 Dec 2020

It feels like flying. Arcs, bumps, and the hills curl up. A parallel to the nape of your neck. Lines pour like water. Rumbles and cracks. They are everywhere we can get to. The trip is always out of time. 7.40 pm dark greens and the humidity of unbroken rain. Sometimes slow and dusty. Sometimes you think you could get crushed at any moment. A red zig-zag queries your kupu. How did we get here? Why is it like this? She walked all along Te Ika-a-Māui. We would marvel at their beauty if they weren’t so ordinary these colossal leaf vein systems. If you imagine the city, gaze east-west and see it rise and fall. Covering something doesn’t stop it from being there like painting over a painting. Our basements are cavities and our piles are not perfect cylinders. The foundation beams aren’t square. Our children, the archaeologists, will one day dig them up. They will stare at the mottled edges and wonder why we tied whenua to our intentions.

An essay by Tyson Schmidt, Roads are big business accompanies this exhibition and can be found here.