making do(ing) presents –

Games Afternoon at RM:

Improvising Games from Slums, Megaregions and Super Cities

// Saturday 2 August 2014, 4pm onwards

Games Afternoon at RM offers up a range of research artifacts as playthings from Cambodian slums, Auckland sub/urban zones, the Tokyo megaregion and more. Fluid game dynamics and warm-hearted late afternoon sustenance provide footholds for experimentation in psychological mapping, conversation, gift giving, ad-hoc archiving, and leveraging the memories of others.

Join us for an relaxing and stimulating afternoon of game playing and making in both finite and infinite modes (we’ll play with junk, and please bring some of your own!).

Frugal food will be offered. Please bring something to contribute to a weird buffet.

Companions and gamers so far include: Aya, Dan, Anna, Tullia, Nitika, Kim, Quishile, Hanna, Steph, Yurie, Hazel, Cole, Mellisa, Jess, Xin, and Chris, for a start.

// At RM, first floor, 307 Karangahape Road,
Newton, Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

// * NB: Entrance from Samoa House Lane 

This gathering is part of makeshifting Cambodia & Aotearoa, a research project from Xin Cheng, generously supported by Asia New Zealand & Sa Sa Art Projects


This is the first event in Auckland to accompany RM’s participation in International Artist Run Initiatives at David Dale Gallery. For this exhibition, RM has taken the work of thirteen collectives and collaborative groups to Glasgow. We have also invited the participants in our project at David Dale to look at ways that they might recontextualise their work for our community back in Auckland.

During this time a selection of publications from the project in Glasgow will also be available to view.