Hot Lake District; views for Ellen

/ Opening Wednesday 5 December, 6pm
// Thursday 6 December – Saturday 22 December 2012

Art is more than just mechanism; it is more than method; it is more than outward show or fashion; it is independent of times and seasons; it is the power to influence the soul of others, to cause them to glow with love or burn with passion.

– Blomfield Charles (1925) What is Art? article from the Herald

Known to many as the painter of the Pink and White Terraces, self-taught artist Charles Blomfield documented many views of the site that he considered to be ‘exceedingly beautiful and graceful’. In 1884, accompanied by his eight-year-old daughter he spent six weeks camping, sketching and painting the Terraces from different angles and in different lights. Twelve of these original Terrace paintings were exhibited in his house in Wood Street, Ponsonby. Following the Mt Tarawera eruption of 1886, Blomfield recognized the value of his representations and refused to sell the originals. In the years to follow he carefully reproduced scale copies of these terrace views, selling to a local and European market. Blomfield’s early works met with critical acclaim and glowing news reviews but by 1889 he was accused of painting for the tourist market.

In their second collaboration Duncan, Grujuc and Harwood revisit Blomfield’s scale copy ‘White Terrace, Lake Rotomahana‘, 1886. Using new technologies and historical research into vision, they calculate another terrace view appealing to an alternate gaze within RM’s foyer space.