Timber Trophy

// Thurs. 31/03 – Sat. 16/04, 2011

// Opening 6pm Wed. 30/03

Timber Trophy brings together the work of Kirstin
Carlin and Carina Brand. The show is concerned with unabashedly placing high and low forms of culture and value side by side in an attempt to playfully tease out contradictions of history and culture. Both artists employ elements of kitsch and contemplate the irony of taste. Juxtaposing good with bad and amateur with professional they investigate the tropes of representation that make up art and object culture. There is a sense of longing that plays out in the consideration of a European tradition that is undermined by ‘New World’ aesthetics and reflects what these might be?

Kirstin reinterprets Dutch and Flemish still life painting. The polite imagery and well torn territory of the still life painting genre is torn apart in these new paintings which are made up of impasto shiny paint threatening to dissolve into murkiness. The lithographs- part postcard part collage cut and paste cultural clichés in a labour intensive process.

Carina’s objects look back and survey the range of ‘goods’ taken as trophies or what’s left behind as relic. All works are cast or copied from objects found in opportunity shops and hobbyist/amateur WebPages. The work engages in a dialogue of the politics of the ‘Global Aesthetic’ and a continued culture of collecting.