Peace of mind

// Saturday 8 – Saturday 22 August 2015
// Opening Friday 7 August, 6pm

Peace of mind is a collection of ideas around the artists position today, in taking-on political and social responsibilities in art. Kieren and Holly use exchanges between themselves and their practices, to reveal and rupture what they perceive as restrictive notions of negotiating artistic practice and intent. Their aim to allow conceptual collaboration to supersede a singular conversation, sees the pair conceive individual outcomes to show in the combined light of this sphere of exchange and accumulation. The focus on communication and mediation between the artists alongside the combination of processes undertaken, results in a unique logic to trust in and engage with for the artists and audience alike.

Peace of mind is accompanied by text written for the show by Holly Russell, an artist and writer from Melbourne.

Kieren Seymour, Quantitative easing, 2015

Kieren Seymour is currently undertaking his Honours in Fine Art at RMIT in Melbourne. He studied sculpture at Zurcher Hochschule De Kunst (Zhdk) in Zurich. Kieren’s practice is currently focused on image production be it through video or digital drawings made with a stylus in photoshop. These images work through and around the politics of economics, death and housing. Kieren has exhibited throughout Australia and internationally.

Holly Willson is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She graduated from Elam School of Fine Art in Auckland, 2007. Working with a combination of processes, including sculpture, drawing, sound and video, her work often follows an enquiry into self-reflexive relationships in visual communication, founded in examples of every day encounters and exchange. Holly was a director of the artist run initiative Newcall Gallery in Auckland between 2008-2010.