Impersonations; An Exploration

// Opening, 6pm Wed. 28/03
// Thurs. 29/03 – Sat. 14/04/2012

The innate inhabitants of our everyday lives embody an archive of personal experiences about language and the real. When placed in unusual contexts or situations the innate signification of objects is reinvented. Hence, these objects become impersonators of a new lexicon that works to refresh tired attitudes to meaning in the quotidian.

A conversation is initiated; the object is a vortex of information that is refracting and reinventing itself in response to every thought, idea or speculation that is put upon it. The seemingly mundane is transformed into an enigmatic vessel that announces its presence by posing urgent questions and therefore commanding undue or perhaps overdue attention. Within this realm these objects are a repository for past, present and future experiences.

The displaced and confused everyday object makes us aware of the unfathomable complexity of things in the world. As a consequence of this; a quality of mystery is salvaged from the potentially banal. Ostensibly mundane objects are given the means and potential to transcend the known and hence stimulate inquisitive minds, to further speculation on the nature of the real.

— Kelsey Stankovich, 15 March 2012

Text in response to the exhibition by Andy Thomson:

Just Say Horse