Julia Reynolds
Frances Duncan
At The Horizon: Burdens and Possibilities of the Mother Tongue
Interactive Audio Visual Installation
4-21 November 2020

The installation seeks to traverse across three generations of women from a personal experience of this artist living in New Zealand; my mother, myself and my daughter as a mode of thinking about language as inheritance, and as systems of construction of the female, (withheld and at flux).

The site is set up as a ‘hot-desk’ within an already established office and working environment. Users are asked inhabit this space to engage with the 9 non-linear chapters which are inspired by Maya Deren’s essay, An Anagram of Ideas on Art, Form and Film (1946).

The user chooses chapters through an anagram template, suggesting that the linearity of information is of no-consequence to meaning, and instead there is a cross-over connectivity of themes through the anagram to suggest alternative systems of comprehension. The structure engages with the understanding of Mother-Daughter as a crossover of reference and identity.