14 April- 8th May
Jade Townsend
Panic Buy

Panic Buy continues Townsend’s examination into waste and the cast away as a method for uncovering economic disparities through consumer patterns. Made with packaging from Townsend’s own consumables during the COVID-19Level 4 Lockdown: cracker and toothpaste boxes are united to form placards. The works are double-faceted one face presents painterly and hand embellished interventions, the other reveals an assemblage of materials.

In the photographic evidence of protest, hikoi, reclamation and occupation in Aotearoa, we can see protestors holding handmade signs and protective guards. The materials these placards are made with reveal much about what is available (or not) to those communities that are taking a stand. The constructed signs also demonstrate the makers’ resourcefulness borne from the urgency to signal pathways forward in The Cause.

Our people can’t afford to panic.
Our people can’t afford to panic buy.

Panic Buy references a specific government and grocery outlet message exasperated across the media during the first rāhui. Please, do not panic buy as there are families who live week-to-week.