Zinnia Elegans Red Sun: a conversation with Noleene and Phoebe

// Opening Wednesday 14 November, 6pm
// Exhibition runs Thursday 15 November – Saturday 1 December

Looped video projection, 6:55 min, 2011.

When I was 15, my mother worked on a psychic hotline. She had a phone shaped like a pair of bright red lips in her bedroom, and when it rang she would stop whatever she was doing and transform into ‘Jane’.

I pursue an extended engagement within the intersections of real and imagined experience, working alongside performers, including psychic mediums, barbershop quartets, friends, family, and strangers on opposite ends of the world. By curating an experience that conflates elements of personal story, historical narrative, myth making and trial and error, my work attempts to make the distances between the virtual and the real, the ubiquitous and the unlikely seem less severe. Intrigued by the transformative potential of shifting context, the work is rooted in my ongoing negotiations, collaborations and performative interactions with local subcultures. It is my intention to offer a new communal mythology – a multilayered ‘Chinese whisper’, tales of supernatural lust, anxiety and a desire for (im)possible futures and (im)probable pasts.