Grant Priest
All by the side of the runway where it hums

4-21 November 2020

Kohuora Auckland South Corrections Facility is a prison complex operated by Serco, a multinational corporation based in the UK. Serco takes on contracts from governments around the world to operate public services on their behalf. The services they operate range from prisons to hospitals, border patrols to immigration. This complex is located next to Matukutūreia, a quarried out Pā site in Wiri, South Auckland, once home to a thriving Māori community with some of Aotearoa’s earliest remaining examples of Māori agriculture.   This initial film work is the beginning of a project exploring the relation between this land, the prison complex and my presence in this space. It approaches the problematic descriptive nature of film. It is intended as a documentation of time spent with this space; finding the lay of the land, familiarising myself with the environment and the wider structural and everyday contexts within which this facility exists.