Grace Crothall
Heat Pits
4-28 August 2021

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.
Journeying staircase into chocolate river:
The word Journey sounds too metaphysical?
       …Step-cement your earthly magic.
Does it need tarseal beneath its waters?
How else can belly travel?
           Mallow snaps concrete..
The plated piping will aid in your digestion…
A very knowing muscle…
If you stand inside the milk-powdered pool, you’ll find it resting knee-deep
(with ample resources to climb back out).
How much do you believe in the chocolate’s message?
When it bubbles in tongues it glitches in orange..
But I’ve come to accept that for who it is.
Chocolate patina rightly divided.
         A gluey forthcoming rolls over its fibs.
Who can remove his outer coat?

Grace Crothall (b. 1993) is an installation based artist living in Ōtautahi.
For Heat Pits she has worked alongside Priscilla Rose Howe (design)
and Mitchell Bright (photographer).
With special thanks to Cameron Gray.