Aindriú Macfehin
Anisha Sankar
Ben Morea
BJ’s soup
Daniela Reyes
David Merritt
Eleanor Cooper
Jonathan King
No Fixed Abode
Phil Tuu
Salome Tanuvasa + Natasha Matila-Smith
Tuafale Tanoa’i (AKA Linda T)
Tao Wells

// Thursday 4 September – Saturday 20 September 2014
// Opening event 6pm, Wednesday 3 September

What are the implications of putting energy and value into the voting process from the perspective of revolutionary politics?

With long and short term goals in mind, what does it mean to vote today? Does focusing on voting politicise young people or create a distraction from gaining critical perspectives on the current system that could achieve more substantial change?

How can we weigh immediate need against long term change and how can we put this into action?

ELECTIONS 2014 addresses these issues with discussions, performances, artworks and events from Wed 3 September – Sat 20 September at RM

Wednesday 3 September, 6pm
opening night:
Performance by Hept
Tuafale Tanoa’i (AKA) Linda T
BJ’s soup
Asians for ACT: Oriental delicacies

Thursday 4 September, 6pm
Imagining life after Capitalism
A group discussion with Aindriú Macfehin

Monday 8 September, 6pm
Political Debate:
What are the implications of voting?
How to do it if you’re keen:
Tactical voting with Jonathan King

Thursday 11 September, 8pm
Recordando de Once de Septiembre:
Remembering September 11, a film screeing of the movie ‘No’ with Daniela Reyes

Thursday 18 September, 8pm
Spoken word with the crew and guests

Saturday 20 September, 6pm
Closing night
Election: Live stream at RM
Afterparty with Magic Sam and Linda T at Old Folks Ass, Gundry Street