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Pablo’s Lament       

By: Rabindranath A. Bhose

Pablo’s Lament

By: Rabindranath A. Bhose

With every passing day,
I find myself more bitter.
And needless now to say 
The customers get shitter.

Tiny charts her reckless course, 
Boa whispers in her ear,
Of bad advice - an endless source,
The rest of us are left to fear

Our path through the water
Our journey at sea.
The Captain Log’s author 
Less canny than me.

When Joeyina comes in 
And envelops us all 
With thunderclaps, lightning
And dramatic rainfall

Maybe then we can all 
Get a decent night’s sleep
As the customers bawl 
And the open decks weep.

When the skies open up
I can lick my bar clean
Oh so empty my cup
But at least it will gleam 

There is nothing for me 
On this God awful ship 
To  Joeyina I plea: 
With your force make it flip.

Into sunnier times
Where we swim wild and free
The clock’s hourly chimes
Muffled flat by the sea. 

A familiar hum 
And intertwined necks
To my ears it will come 
‘Til they no longer flex 

Until then I must toil 
As Hobby drones on 
And my blood will still boil 
Until curtains are drawn.


HOBBY HORSE   Music by Yanik Soland

UNABLE TASMAN   Music by Yanik Soland



JOEYINA TEMPESTINA   Music by Yanik Soland

ALBINO BOA  Music by Yanik Soland

Due to COVID restrictions, the majority of this project took place online from 6th October – 20th November, 2021. With a 3-day physical exhibition from 18th – 20th November. 


POISON PAWN  was a process-based collaborative film-making project. To begin with, Daphne introduced a group of stock characters, each with their own storyboard, background and musical motif which was developed by Yanik Soland. These were accompanied by a naval-themed soliloquy, Pablo’s Lament, written by Rabindranath A. Bhose. The characters and soliloquy then prompted a script that has been co-developed with Josie Perry.

POISON PAWN expands on Daphne’s interests in de-forming cinematic conventions and representations through collaboration, camp caricature and a ridiculous form of parapraxis. This project began as an attempt to mis-construct an alternate ending to the biography of former US chess champion Bobby Fischer, but the plot grew stale and was hijacked by side-characters with more personality. Bobby is long gone and the ship has been taken over by another motley crew (not that Mötley Crüe).

Stay tuned to see how Tiny Titanic, Pablo the depressed Alpaca, Hobby Horse, The Albino Boa and Unable Tasman grapple with Joeyina Tempestina, the fast approaching, and strangely enchanting, tropical hurricane. 

Special thanks to;

Yanik Soland https://www.yaniksoland.ch/  

Josie Perry https://josieperry.com/ 

Rabindranath A. Bhose https://rabhose.co.uk/ 

The Mondriaan Fonds
Amy Yalland  https://yalland.co.nz/
Mark Schroder


Bio: Daphne Simons (b. The Netherlands) is a visual artist currently based in Papaioea, Aotearoa NZ. Their work incorporates moving-image, sculpture, drawing, and collaborative production methods. These forms allow them to expand the potential of surRidiculism, a self-defined tendency. They have a Master of Fine Arts from The Piet Zwart Institute (NL). Recent exhibitions include; JAM-POD (collaborative), SIGN (NL); Day Job (group), Flux Factory, (USA); Material Context (group), Het Archief (NL) and YIKES (solo), Growing Space (NL). They have co-produced a series of comic books and installations with Josie Perry  titled PLASMA FREEZE, and performed at TWENTY ONE, South-end-on-Sea (UK); Locatie Z, The Hague (NL), and LaVallée, Brussels (BE). They have undertaken artist residencies at Kunsthuis SYB, (NL), Wassaic Project (USA) and Enjoy Contemporary Art Space (NZ). And they collaborate with Li-Ming Hu as the artist duo RIFF RAFF, which held projects at GLOVEBOX (NZ), Enjoy Contemporary Art Space (NZ) and The Physics Room (NZ). They also co-organised the temporary project space CANAPÉ CANOPY in Tāmaki Makaurau (NZ) with Mark O’Donnell.