Blind Pig

// Thurs. 21/10 – Sat. 6/11 2010
// Opening night performance from 6.30pm

  • All welcome. Refreshments provided.
  • Adam Smith reckons “The real price of every thing, what every thing really costs to those who want to acquire it, is the toil and trouble of acquiring it”.
  • Karl Marx would add (indirectly quoted) “relations between people take form as the properties of things”.
  • Of properties ascribed to things, value, as determination of utility or worth, is an attribute expressed in multiple forms.
  • Diamonds and water etc.
  • Within a specific historical context value can be mapped on a scale of ascendancy. This map, in turn, can be seen as an objectified schema for social relations.
  • Capitalism and alienation etc.
  • If a thing’s value is uncertain, social signification in relation to the thing is likewise.
  • Within this uncertainty an opportunity exists to re-map both the value of things and their prefiguration.
  • It is necessary to inhabit a thing in order for its potential as alternative prefiguration to be explored.
  • The gallery provides a context within which, through the presentation of an action and things, I seek to explore an alternative prefiguration of value.

Daniel Webby, Blind Pi