Orange Milk

// Thurs. 24/11 – Sat. 3/12, 2011

// Opening 6pm Wed. 23/11

How does the aesthetics of modern technology fit with the aesthetics of two contemporary female artists?

In Donaldson’s assemblages, an idea is rotating with enough centrifugal force that its constituent parts are separating. Old and new school, machine-made and hand-crafted objects cohabit, often speaking against their own materials. The infamous CERN laboratory is rendered on silk; driftwood sits beside resin. The shiny splendour of a luminous, milky phallus is undone somewhat by vinyl spangled with potato-printed shapes in assuming apricot.

Steedman’s intimate studies recall the terrifying glory of cosmic phenomena; including the solar flares, gas giants and sunspots of 70s science books. Unimaginable heat and vaporous convection are conveyed in splotchy watercolours.

Although each has her own distinct handwriting – combining as intriguingly orange and milk – both Cusha Donaldson’s and Rebecca Steedman’s works appear to harbour a suspicious fascination with science, an arena in which, despite knowing better, we still surrender all our faith and derive all our arrogance.

– Rose Hoare