// April 4-28 2018

Talia Smith /
Alice Alva /
Ed Ritchie /
Monique Lacey /
Katie Kerr /
Curated by Chloe Geoghegan

In April, RM presented Cul-de-sac, a group show bringing together the work of five artists that experiment with the crossings of art within its many disciplines. Using elements of design as a framework for discussion, Cul-de-sac created a laboratory-showroom at RM that will challenge what an experimental space can provide conventional genres of practice within contemporary art.

Based in Sydney, Talia Smith presents a small series of cyanotypes on cotton that investigate the materiality of the photographic image and its form. While Auckland based artist Monqiue Lacey explores the nature of structure and surface within painting, Dunedin artist Ed Ritchie creates sculptural assemblages that become props for uncertain narratives. Wellington artist Alice Alva presents a series of radical, pop-imagistic handcrafted works and Auckland designer Katie Kerr produces an experimental paperback that folds the ideas in Cul-de-sac back on themselves.