Connah Podmore
26 April – 20 May 2023

“The homeliest tasks get beautified if loving hands do them.”
Alcott, Louisa M. 2013. Little Woman. Sovereign. 425.

The room where your brother was born is an exhibition spanning drawing, weaving and photography by Connah Podmore.

Inspired by the memory of her family’s first home, this exhibition reflects on motherhood and domestic work. True to the act of caregiving, Podmore’s method of working is repetitive and generous; expansive, yet very ordinary. Electrical sockets, walls and curtains are all built through time consuming processes of drawing and erasure, or weaving by hand.

Central to this exhibition is a personal search for meaning and support through the work of authors whose writing likewise explores the roles of artist and mother, and gently challenges perceptions around where importance is placed and how self-worth is measured.