Coming up for air

// Opening 6pm Wed. 20/04

// Thurs. 21/04 – Sat. 07/05, 2011

Waiting rooms, elevators, corridors in public buildings, they are all similar in nature. They’re places that we all experience and usually only pass through when we’re on the way to some place else. At times their décor can make them seem inhospitable and at times it can make them feel warm and welcoming; most of the time they’re coated with surfaces that are easy to clean.

I like to presume that the way in which these spaces are decorated reflects the aspirations of whoever chose the fit out. For example, a lobby clad with gold fittings and wall-to-wall marbling easily presents itself as an aphorism for success. To some extent, many of the interior spaces that I pass through are similar to out-of-date election billboards in that they carry a lot of thrust but not much real meaning. As such, even though these ‘common areas’ are deeply infused with human concerns, they often make me feel a little alienated. The subterfuge that surrounds human endeavour can feel a little cold when it is so tightly knitted around you.

Stainless steel, tile and grout; I find it comforting to look for gaps between where one surface ends and another begins. A broken away tile can serve as a vent in an otherwise impenetrable façade; one small area where the politics surrounding it’s provenance aren’t immediately visible.