Plan to be wrapped up in cozy minks this Sunday?

Drop in at RM Gallery to get styled in blanket couture by artist Sione Monu and photographed by artist Jermaine Dean any time from 1- 4pm.

An assortment of minks will be available for you to choose from but if you have your own special kafu then please feel free to bring it along!


Sione Monu often uses Instagram (visit @sione93) as an art tool, constantly creating artworks that utilise the platform as a way of re-indigenising space as well as create accessibility for his community to engage with the works. His series of self portraits #BlanketCouture (2016) came to life due to a day of play but with only having access to the materials in his home. Although playful the use of blankets are on the artists’ body are striking and intimate as the artist challenges notions of representation and gender.

Jermaine Dean is of Māori heritage and is a member of the roots Vogue scene in Aotearoa New Zealand while also working in the space as a photographer and visual artist. A member of the collective FAFSWAG, Dean has been building an important portfolio of work that documents the Vouge scene while also being an active member.