Supersite Cowboys

// Saturday 9 August 2014, 12pm – 6pm
// Sunday 10 August  2014, 12pm – 4pm

// Opening reception from 5pm on Saturday 9 August

Ben Clement and Bob van der Wal present a series of documentation artifacts from the collaborative work Supersite Cowboys, made for RM’s participation in International Artist Initiated in Glasgow

Working as foreign correspondents to one another, the iconic sight seeing experiences of LDN (van der Wal) are sent to AKL (Clement) as plastic souvenirs and images to be manufactured into new objects of movement: Glossed up, superimposed and slipstreamed, ready for competition. These objects are passed back to meet van der Wal in GLA to be sited and sighted within the media landscape of the 2014 XX Commonwealth Games.


This is the third in a series of events at RM to accompany our participation in International Artist Initiated at David Dale Gallery. For this exhibition, RM has taken the work of thirteen collectives and collaborative groups to Glasgow. And for these associated events at RM we have invited the participants in our project at David Dale to look at ways that they might recontextualise their work for our community back in Auckland.